Moving forward from regrets…

Well it has been a couple of months since I last blogged, can’t even find a relevant excuse.

A great highlight though following on from my previous blog of life regrets, my youngest son met up with my first child and this in turn led to us all meeting up and spending a couple of days getting to know one another, how fabulous is that? I am forever grateful that he took the time to make the effort and approach my other son and break the ice. We will never have the normal mother son relationship but I wouldn’t expect that after 40 years, but this is definitely the next best thing. Now we all keep in contact via text and email, even with one of my other sons overseas, so there is some healing going on in our lives, and I can only hope this will grow and flourish into some kind of family relationship.

I have been out of work for ten months now and have become a bit of a stick in the mud stay at home person. I figure that every time I leave my home I am spending money on petrol so it is best to stay put. My constant job hunt has not led me to any employment so far and I find myself getting concerned that I will be unemployable soon…gosh that would be dreadful. On the up side I have been able to spend time with my elderly parents and look after my sister who had a hip replacement so this time hasn’t been entirely wasted.

Now I have become brave and am undertaking an online course to upskill with the computer. My previous job I was proficient in a couple of computer programs but looking into applying for other jobs I figured my all round computer skills needed to be extended. I am thoroughly enjoying the course and learning a lot which is giving me the much needed confidence to proactively apply for work. Also proving that my brain still has the capability of learning more. Maybe I aren’t over the hill yet!


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