Life can be sweet

Well I just celebrated another birthday, is it my imagination or do they come round quicker and quicker each year. My best friend and I have a tradition that we always take the other out for the day on her birthday or as close to it as possible, I love this, we share coffee, lunch, the odd pedicure and stroll art galleries and dress shops enjoying each others company. I had a seriously blonde moment and thought I was a year older than I actually was, how did I manage that?? I was over the moon when my friend pointed this out to me. I am learning not to feel guilty about taking the time to sit in a café with company, it is something I have not been able to do for years with working full time, so I have decided to fully embrace the experience.

So this middle age thing is difficult to get your head around sometimes. When you are a teenager or in your twenties, people who are over 50 seem ancient and you think it is so far away. But here I am and I can’t believe how fast those years have gone. I have struggled to come to terms with loosing my job and had moments of wondering of what use I am and what am I achieving? All a bit silly really but very real. Anyway the last couple of weeks I have had more phone calls and more visitors popping in and one dear old friend said to me, well if you were at work you would have missed all this, so maybe this is just another season in my life that I have to ride out and make the most of. I am learning to live in and enjoy the moment, who knows what is around that corner.


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