Internet Naivety….

Well my naivety has come back to bite me. I have realised that in my search for work I have been scammed again!! Where are all the honest to goodness companies  who do actually have work they want done? There seems to be so many people/companies out there that have a sole purpose of ripping you off. Does this happen to other people, I guess it must do because otherwise these predators wouldn’t still be going. The internet is a wonderful tool but can be so disheartening also. Surely there must be an outlet for a ‘real’ honest company that places people in work with ‘real’ honest companies. If anyone knows of one, please let me know.


2 thoughts on “Internet Naivety….

  1. I too have been scouring the internet for work. I posted my resume on a few sites like Indeed, and our local Workforce. After posting my resume, I started getting phone calls and text messages from people asking me if I was still looking for an opportunity to make money online. I immediately did a little research, finding that the opportunities were a scam to get my money. Now, I tell them “NO!” I had a guy ask me yesterday if I was allergic to money, so I told him “YES!” Have you looked at any of the Freelancer sites? I have searched,, and a few others for freelance work. However, I feel too intimidated and too paranoid to apply for any of the jobs. Good luck with your search.


    1. Thanks so much for your feedback. Yes I am registered with and Odesk. I have bid on several jobs but it is such a difficult line to break into, there are so many other people bidding on the same jobs and some of them put ridiculous quotes and you can’t compete with them, but I know there is no way that they can make money by doing the jobs for so little. Stay away from Homejobgroup I got taken in by them and after countless emails to them cannot get any replies so have lost money there and will no doubt have to cancel my credit card as they will probably try to take money out each month as well. It is so incredibly frustrating isn’t it? I will start to advertise in my local town I think and see how that goes, but living in a small country town has it’s drawbacks and I think the opportunity of working from home is probably more doable in the city. Good luck to you too.


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