Hello world

I am seriously new at this but I am so interested to know of other people who may be out there who share a common interest with me — the desire to find an honest outlet for work at home freelancers. I have been growing incredibly more frustrated day by day as I run across scam after scam, people just wanting to promise you the world and take what little money you have to do it. What has happened to decent honest hardworking companies who would appreciate someone doing typing, proofreading, transcribing work from home and earning an honest dollar!

I have been searching the internet since November 2014 in the hope of finding work. In September 2014 I lost my job due to company restructuring after 18 years of service as a Centre Administrator to an Early Childhood Education Centre. To say the least I was shocked and now am finding it difficult to find work that suits my abilities after so long in one position, hence the disappointing search online and researching website after website only to find they are scams, and yes I have been sucked in a few times already and lost a bit of money, my problem is that I tend to believe what people are saying. I guess you could say I am somewhat naïve about how dishonest people can be, definitely hard lessons to learn.

So I would be really interested to hear anyone’s feedback on similar experiences and whether they have managed to circumnavigate the traps out there.


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